Weekend rundown : 29/06/19

This is something I do most Saturday mornings, so I thought why not add it to my blog so I can show everyone what I’m looking at.


The hot topic at the moment, are we in a bull market? How long could it last ? Below is a graph representing the price of Gold over the duration of 15 years . If gold can continue along this upward trend over the next month I believe the next resistance would be around $1535.


The poor man’s gold but I like it more than gold in a bull market and here’s why. Shown in the graph below over the last 20 years ,Gold in the blue over Silver in the orange , when they are both in a bull market silver WILL run harder and faster then Gold. If Silver can break $16.50, my belief is we will see a large breakout.

Adriatic Metals ADT.ASX.

Friday saw  2% of total shares change hands, which is 5 times the average volume. The share price held strong and didn’t budge from the opening price. The company hasn’t seen the same amount of volume since November 2018, which was when we saw the beginning a upward trend. The company should be releasing news over the next few weeks, I would expect this uptrend to continue. Disclosure I hold


I use the GDXJ as a general gauge on how the junior mining sector is looking. as it stands, ETF holds 70 companies currently. As you can see in the graph below, since 2016 it has been running along same levels. If the GDXJ breaks above $50, I would expect a lot more money to start flowing into the junior mining sector.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe.

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